Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wonderware Online August 2016 Update | New Blog Site

Hi There,

We've added another round of fantastic updates for Wonderware Online.

The August 2016 updates released today include:

  • Re-branded login page
  • Whitelabelling for Solution Builders and OEMs
  • Multi-tenant email reuse
  • Relative vs. Absolute reports
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Dashboard data auto-refresh
  • New OPC-DA data source connector
We've also introduced a brand new blogging website to make it easier for all of our Wonderware subscribers to find relevant information in one place with a consistent look and feel and better presentation of information.

The details surrounding this major update can be found at the new blog website.

The general homepage of the blogging website, which includes interesting and timely news, thought pieces and product updates not just for Wonderware Online and Wonderware SmartGlance but also for the larger Wonderware portfolio of offerings is: https://on.wonderware.com.

Top Tip:
We'll still keep the previous blogs here on this website for future reference but all new blog posts will now be posted to the new blog website at https://on.wonderware.com moving forward.

Let us know what you think of the new blog website and this August release!