Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Presentation & Webinar | Cybersecurity in a mobile first, cloud first world.

Hello Folks!

Just yesterday, in partnership with our friends at Wonderware PacWest, I had the privilege of presenting on the topic of Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems.

With the culmination of mobile devices, cloud services and now the Internet of Things, many analysts say 2016 is the year to start seriously paying attention to Cybersecurity at your facility. Continue to read on.

To listen to the webinar, head over to the Wonderware PacWest website using this link below:
CyberSecurity for Cloud Solutions & Connected Devices in Industrial Control Systems.

Then head over to SlideShare for a copy of the slide deck using this link below:
Wonderware presentation on Cybersecurity.

Let me know what you think of the content. Is there anything that you agree or disagree with?
What is your level of cybersecurity maturity like at your facility?
Do you think that mobile devices and cloud services can safely participate in your Industrial Control System cybersecurity posture?



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  2. To Saadi

    Thanks you a lot for your efforts in cyber world . I'm interested in your person. What do you think, is it possible for you to check this POS system device that I use on my laptop?
    I want to have security assessments of this device. How much is it going to cost?