Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wonderware SmartGlance for iPhone no longer accepts new user registrations in-app

You may have noticed that since a recent update to the Wonderware SmartGlance mobile app for iPhone, it is no longer possible to sign up as a new user.

This change was implemented in response to a request from Apple following a review of our app when we submitted a newer version for posting to the Apple app store.

While we are striving to make the registration process better given this change, Wonderware SmartGlance customers can visit our Wonderware Online website to register there by visiting from any modern browser.

It is still completely free to register and you can share the credentials across these two services should you ever wish to leverage Wonderware Online in the future, which is already inclusive of Wonderware SmartGlance anyhow. There is no obligation to make use of the Wonderware Online offering however if wish to register solely for the purpose of using Wonderware SmartGlance.

Users on the Google Android and Windows platforms can continue to register in-app.

If you have any questions, please email us at feedback at wonderware dot com.