Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wonderware SmartGlance iPhone app for 2015 released!

We are very excited to announce that we have released a major update to the Wonderware SmartGlance mobile app for iPhone. This major release brings a completely redesigned, fresh and modern look to the app as well as some significant performance and usability improvements. All current Wonderware SmartGlance iPhone users will have the opportunity to apply this app update for free upon its release to the Apple iTunes app store.

The Wonderware SmartGlance mobile app continues to deliver on its core promise of making it super easy to leverage mobile and wearable devices to stay connected to your industrial business, anywhere, anytime and with any device.

Check out our YouTube video celebrating this update:


·         How do I obtain the new version of the Wonderware SmartGlance iPhone app?
o    The new version of the iPhone app is available for download from the Apple iTunes App store.
o    If you already have the SmartGlance iPhone app installed, this new app will appear as an update in the “App Store” and replace your existing version.
o    If you don’t already have the SmartGlance iPhone app installed, simply tap the “App Store” icon from your iPhone’s home screen and search for “Wonderware SmartGlance”
o    An iPhone with iOS 8 and above is required to run the new app. This means iPhones 4s and above are eligible.

·         What about Android, iPad and Windows devices?
o    Part of what makes this announcement so exciting is that the release of the new iPhone app is only the first of a wave of updates coming to all platforms. We will be launching similar major updates to Android early next year with iPad and Windows devices to follow thereafter. Having said that, the other platforms are not affected by this announcement at this time and continue to be offered as-is.

o    If you are an Android SmartGlance customer and would like to participate in an early preview and feedback program, please write to us at

·         What’s changed in this release?
o    The suite of Wonderware SmartGlance mobile apps continue to deliver on its core promise of making it super easy to leverage mobile and wearable devices to stay connected to your industrial business, anywhere, anytime and from any device. This new version of the iPhone app builds on that foundation and yet also benefits from a completely new underlying technology platform surfaced by a fresh and modern look and feel.

We took what made the previous version great and made it better, faster and easier to use. We added a bunch of new features too and this release is only the beginning. If you feel like we missed something or could do better, please tap the “Send us your feedback” link directly in-app from the new “Settings” menu option.

·         What’s new in this release?
o    Completely new look and feel
o    Quickview screen to instantly see the a summary of your tags
o    Ability to pick up to 6 tags for charting
o   Your most recently used reports are conveniently curated at the top of the list for quick access
o    Single place to view all of your configured personalized alerts
o    New settings section with helpful links to learn more about the app, how to get support and submit feedback
o     Quick way to set Alerts via a “long press” or "press and hold" interaction on any tag name in tag reports or column header in a tabular report. More alert options too follow soon.
o    Simplified charts with a new sticky slider
o    Ability to plot multiple tags of different units of measures on a single y axis
o    Ability to plot multiple tags of the same unit of measure on a shared y axis
o    Rapid Search feature to quickly find the reports you need
o    Pull-down to refresh for quick updates to your report data
o    and much more!

·         What’s planned for the next Wonderware SmartGlance iPhone update?
o    You can expect a series of rapid updates over the next couple of weeks to continue to enhance the iPhone app. Please send us your feedback and your impressions to

·         Will I lose anything by upgrading?
o    There are no changes to your login credentials.
o    All of your existing reports and alerts will carry over seamlessly into the newer version.
o    If you had any favorites, we have moved them to the new curated “Recent” report list to make them quickly accessible to you. Our sophisticated algorithm will monitor naturally what reports you use the most often and curate and group those at the top of the report list so that they are always instantly available. If you ever need a report that you don’t frequently access, you can easily scroll through the complete list of reports that you have been securely subscribed to or tap the search bar to start typing and find them quickly.
o    If you notice a feature that we didn’t bring forward, let us know what it is and why you found it useful and we’ll be happy to consider it for a future release. You can also monitor the App Release Notes included with each app update from the iTunes App Store over the next several weeks to see the new features being added or refinements being done the app.

·         I have a comment or concern not addressed here, how can I reach out to you?
o    Please use the new in-app feedback option to send us your feedback and even a screenshot if that helps by performing a long-press in the feedback screen. To send us feedback, tap the “Send us your feedback” link directly in-app from the new “Settings” menu option.

o    You can also write to us directly at

Thanks for you support!
The Wonderware SmartGlance Team.


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